Andrej Glusgold was born in Chisinau/Moldova (former USSR) into a creative family. In 1979 he emigrated with his parents to Israel and then in 1981 to Germany. After graduating from the University of the Arts Bremen in 1996, and a short stay in Paris, Andrej Glusgold moved to Berlin, where he worked as a portrait and fashion photographer for international publications. In 2011 he became a professor of photography at UE – University of Europe for Applied Sciences in Berlin and shifted his focus to personal projects. Glusgold‘s oeuvre includes photography, drawing, collage, and poetry and revolves around cultural and spiritual archetypes, shamanism, and a magical approach toward life.  

"The world is much more than what we experience through our everyday consciousness and what science teaches us. With my works, I want to remind us of these other realities and strengthen our connection to nature. In doing so, I draw from a vast reservoir that humanity has already created for this purpose, ranging from prehistoric art to African masks, religious images of all traditions, and outsider art."

C. V. 

1968 born in Chisinau/Moldova 

1990- 96 University of Art, Bremen 

1996- lives and works as photographer and artist in Berlin 

2011- professor for photography at UE - University of Europe, Berlin 


2019 Drawings 2018-19, Gallery of UE-University of Europe, Berlin 

2018 Drawings 2017-18, Gallery of UE-University of Europe, Berlin 

2012 Black Forest, Axel Obiger Gallery, Berlin 

2010 Ballerina, Photoplatz Hotel Bogota, Berlin 

2009 Gymnopédies, Raum Nr. 6, Gallery for Photography, Bremen 

2008 Last Year at Marienbad, -able gallery, Berlin 

2005 Fairytales, Gallery Hartmann, München 

2005 Fairytales, AV Gallery, Fotosommer Stuttgart 2005, Ludwigsburg 

2004 Fairytales, OMC Gallery, Düsseldorf 


2022 Odd & Imaginary, Simard Bilodeau Contemporary, LA, USA 

2021 Heads Full of Poetry, Simard Bilodeau Contemporary, LA, USA 

2021 Engelberg, Gallery Pankow, Berlin 

2019 25 Ans Rencontres de la Jeune Photographie Internationale, Niort, Frankreich 

2018 Floating Worlds, Xuanzhi Art Museum, Fuzhou, China 

2018 Portraits, Duplex, Berlin 

2018 100, Axel Obiger Gallery, Berlin 

2017 Träume, Das Kleine Schwarze Kunsthotel, Hamburg 

2017 Give&Take, Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin 

2016 The Surface Labyrinth, Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin 

2014 BredaPhoto Festival, Museum of Breda, Niederlande 

2014 Portraits, Axel Obiger Gallery, Berlin 

2014 locus focus chatterbox, City Gallery Iserlohn 

2013 Felix Schöller Photo Award, Museum of Cultural History, Osnabrück 

2012 Terra Cognita, Noorderlicht International Photography Festival, Groningen, NL 

2012 Schwarz..., Museum for Sepulchral Culture, Kassel 

2012 The future that lies behind us, OMC Gallery, LA, USA 

2011 Wald, Pavlov´s Dog Gallery, Berlin 

2010 Strange Beauty, The Center for Fine Art Photography, Fort Collins, USA 

2010 XTO Image Awards, Robert Berman Gallery, LA, USA 

2009 Aleppo 10th International Photo Festival 2009, Syrien 

2009 Vision – Aussicht aufs Leben, Darmstadt Photography Days 

2009 International Photo and Photo Based Work, OMC Gallery, LA, USA 

2009 Anonyme Zeichner, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin 

2009 Heimatpark, Kunsthaus Erfurt 

2009 Tierperspektiven, Souterrain, Berlin 

2008 Privat, Museum for Work, Hamburg 

2008 Ghost Riders, Kunsthaus Erfurt 

2008 Take a chance, OMC Gallery, LA, USA 

2008 Liebe usw., tmp deluxe, Berlin 

2008 Ghostbusters, tmp deluxe, Berlin 

2007 Precious Little Things, OMC Gallery, LA, USA 

2007 Fairytales, Camera Work, Berlin 

2006 Berühmt, Gropiusbau, Berlin 

2006 Glanz und Glamour, City Gallery Überlingen 

2005 Zwischenwelten, Oktogon Gallery of Dresden University of Fine Arts 

2003 Seduction, OMC Gallery, Düsseldorf 

2002 4 Jahrzehnte Fotografie an der HfK Bremen, Focke Museum, Bremen 

2001 Plattform für neue Fotografie, Aktionsforum Praterinsel, München 

1998 Begegnungen, Galerie des Westens, Bremen 

1998 Bilder vom Menschen, Rathaus Rothenburg/Wümme 

1996 Bremer Künstlerförderpreis, City Gallery Bremen 

1994 on assignment, Fotokina 94, Köln 

1994 Lebensräume, GAFF Galerie für Fotografie, Rothenburg/Wümme 


2005 Photo L. A. 

2004 Art Rotterdam 

2004 Photo St. Francisco 

2003 Paris Photo 

2003 European Art Expo, Düsseldorf 


2022 VG – Bildkunst Stiftung Kulturwerk 

2014 GoSee Awards: Gold in Landscape Photography and Bronze in Illustration 

2013 Felix Schöller Photoaward Finalist 

2010 XTO Image Awards, 1. Place, USA 

2010 New Romanticism, Voies Off Screening, Arles, France 

2005 Artist in Residence, Backfabrik, Berlin 

2005 Fairytales, Voies Off Screening, Arles, France 

1997 Artist in Residence, Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts, Omaha, Nebraska, USA 

1996 Encounters of Young International Photography, Niort, France 

1993 On Assignment, Polaroid and Profifoto Magazine award 


2015 IADE Creative University, Lisboa, Portugal 

2014 Breda Museum, Netherlands 

2014 St.-Petersburg Institute for Culture, Russia 

2014 DFA German Photographic Academy, Hamburg, Germany 


2021 Engelberg – Staged Photography, Gallery Pankow, Berlin 

2015 The Great Wide Open, Gestalten Verlag, Berlin 

2015 Style and the Family Tunes, Hatje-Cantz Verlag, Ostfildern 

2014 Songs from the Heart, BredaPhoto Festival, Breda, NL 

2012 Terra Cognita, Noorderlicht Photo Festival, Groningen, NL 

2009 Vision – Aussicht aufs Leben, Darmstädter Tage der Fotografie, Darmstadt 

2009 Anonyme Zeichner, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin 

2009 Aleppo 10th International Photo Festival 2009, Syria 

2009 Tierperspektiven, Georg Kolbe Museum, Berlin 

2008 Privat, Klubfoto, Hamburg 

2007 Das inszenierte Porträt seit 1300, Michael Imhof Verlag, Petersberg 

2007 Fotografisches Vergnügen: Kleine Tierschau am Brill, Bremen 

2006 2. Europäischer Monat der Fotografie Berlin 2006, Berlin 

2007 Berühmt, Klubfoto, Hamburg 

2004 Fairytales, hartmann neue fotografie, München 

2004 Ein Mann unter Einfluß, Gedichte und Zeichnungen, Revonnah-Verlag, Hannover 

2002 4 Jahrzehnte Fotografie an der HfK Bremen, Bremen 

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